The Property

Aubrey bought the property on the 7th of June in 1948, and began to work it from July the 1st that year.  Nearly all of the work was done by hand, with a couple of horses to add some muscle for pushing and pulling.

Working hours were from daylight till dark, seven days a week, and very often there was little or no income.  Food was supplemented with rabbit, pigeon and wood duck, fish, poultry, and always by the cash Aub earned at night playing his saxophone and clarinets.

Without the formation of the Growers Co-operative, packing sheds and wineries, neither the growers nor the industry would have survived.

Aubrey  maintained the property until 1977 when it was sold to his next door neighbour.  His home had been transferred onto a separate title prior to the sale, and he and Valma continued to live there until 1998, fifty years in all.



The Plant

The plant that was sold with the land is listed on the sale document and is shown in full in the book Aubrey's Game.

The prices are  shown in pounds, shillings and pence, with every hammer, jar of nails, piece of rope etc having a value attached.  It makes intriguing reading today, when plant has become so mechanised.


Lunch break for everyone.  Horses with nosebags.

Working Snapshots


A good day's work


Ready to load


No more throwing up onto the truck!


Loading the tipper for the winery


Large heavy bunches


Wrapping the canes down.


Packing Oranges for Delivery


Trays of apricots drying on cut lawn


Scraping apricots into sweat boxes for delivery 


Storm clouds over flowering peaches


Watering by Furrow


Semi auto overhead sprays