Author - Marilyn Revill


Welcome to My Website

I have always been an avid reader, escaping into the pages of a good book and going with it on a journey of discovery.  I read from most genres, happy to see where they may take me, but I must admit that true stories are the ones I most enjoy.  

There are no ordinary people, and there are no ordinary stories.

I was raised on a fruit growing property and went to a tiny, two teacher, primary school.   We were so fortunate to have a headmaster who had a great love for language, prose, poetry and history, and he would mix them up and teach them all at once.

When we were learning about the spice route in history, we would be learning about the desert and the people in geography, and hearing quotations from the poetry of Omar Khayyam.  This is when the wonderful word pictures began to tell me stories.  I could feel the glare and the dust, hear the clinking and almost smell the camels as they followed the tracks through ancient Persia.  I was 'hooked' on reading before I was eleven.

My own writing is fairly direct, couched in an easy to read and relaxed style.  I am seeking to tell you a story, but there are challenging questions arising from the tale if you should choose to look for them.  I also enjoy poetry and am guilty of writing short Christmas verses, as well as 'Mother's Poems' for Family members on very special occasions. 

Written words are a wonderful tool.  They can bring a hug, a tear, a smile, an unexpected thought.........  I mostly use an e-Reader due to the arthritis in my hands, but I still love the pleasure of holding a tangible book, of its cover, its weight, and its whisper as I turn the pages . 

Please enjoy reading about my book  Aubrey's Game.